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The Way to Happiness

In life there are many ways you can achieve happiness; most involve being the best person you can be, helping society, improving the rights of humans, and in general, making sure you "do something about it."

This next contest is looking for poetry about just that. Taking the basic morals and rules of mankind - whatever they are for you - and showing others, living by example, and creating a message that there is hope, and happiness is possible. Tell us about your journey, help others know how to find happiness.

There are some great tools out there - take a look at the bible, a book or reference guide from your religion of choice, or check out this little booklet called "The Way to Happiness" and get some ideas from that. Most importantly, do it!

Submit your poem (see complete guidelines), any length, and the winner will be selected to appear in the next edition of Poetry Canada Magazine.

There are no fees - winner will receive a free copy of the magazine.

Deadlines are: August 15th and Dec 15th, 2006

Email your poem, and put "The Way to Happiness" in the subject line. We will send a confirmation email upon receipt.

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