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Poet of the Year 2006

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Canadian Federation of Poets poet of the Year Award Recipient
Nikhil Parekh


Each year the Canadian Federation of Poets will select a poet that has done outstanding work within the organization, for poetry, or as a poet. In the case of Nikhil Parekh, he has excelled in all three disciplines.

CFP Poet of the Year

Nikhil Parekh is a three-time World Record Holder poet with the Limca Book of World Records India (Only 2nd in Official World Rankings to Guinness Book of World Records). These 3 world records held by Parekh are for (1) "Being the 1st Indian to be published in the Commonwealth Newsletter for his poem on AIDS", (2) "Being the 1st Indian to win an EPPIE award for best poetry e-book" and (3) "Writing the most number of letters to and receiving the most number of replies from World Leaders and World Organizations". He has composed thousands of poems on several global topics like :Peace, Anti Terror, Friendship, Humanity, Environment & Wildlife Conservation, AIDS, Tsunami, Blindness, Spiritual Oneness, Human Rights, Immortal Love, Banning female foeticide etc. Parekh is a recipient of several major international awards in poetry which include 'Poet of the Year Award' at the Canadian Federation of Poets. His poems have been published in the world's leading and acclaimed magazines and websites including the McGill's English Dictionary of Rhyme, which is the world's number 1 English Rhyming dictionary. Parekh's records, poems and achievements can be further browsed at his websites or  

So what makes a poet of the year?

Nikhil has really stepped up his participation with the CFP this year by rallying on behalf of the CFP for government recognition, constant participation on the CFP Forums, and single-handedly taking on the country of India to help promote Canada and its poetic talent. 

He is an avid user of Blogs, and Social Media sites and continues to promote the CFP using these latest methods of communication and online networking.  

He runs the India Federation of Poets through these mediums, and represents our organization eloquently and respectfully. 

In addition, he keeps in contact with the president of the CFP to ensure that their poetry efforts are aligned and achieving the maximum global benefits for poets and poetry.

He is an honoured member of the Canadian Federation of Poets - and we are proud to present him with the award of "Canadian Federation of Poets 2006 Poet of the Year Award."


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