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This month’s featured poet is: Stella Ducker

Stella Ducker, CFP member and Durham Region Federation Chair, is an active member and supporter of the arts.

Stella Ducker is a long-time supporter of the arts, along with her husband Graham, they have been active in the poetry community for many years.

Stella, who hails from Oshawa, is Chair of Durham Region Federation of Poets and a member of The Ontario Poetry Society. She is also the Editor of The Stellar Showcase Journal which is an asset to the literary community.

In addition, she has a busy year scheduled with plans such as:
  • Recorded Featured Poets and poetry readings to be broadcast on International Fame Radio (internet) for a "Poetry Corner" segment. If you have CD, CDR or mp3 OR know of someone who has one, pass the word along for an opportunity to be on the radio. More information is located on the radio website.

    Stella also plans for a special Video Taping of Featured Poets - with a short video clip to be added to a poetry website. This is slated for mid winter—early spring.

    Plans are also underway for a special poetry event to meet others in the Durham Region & GTA. Poets or anyone interested can reach me at

    Also being considered— something for our contributors to our Stellar Showcase Journal in the line of a special Chapbook compilation.

    For Stella, this year promises to be a busy and exciting one!

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