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This month’s featured poet is: Richard Masterton

Richard is the Quebec Federation Chair. He was born in Moncton, New Brunswick in 1947 Richard Masterton, and is an accomplished artist with his art works reflecting his love of the Maritime land and seas. He has studied with a number of local artists in the Maritimes and participated in many workshops including international workshops held at Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia, presented by the renown Maritime artist W.E. DeGarthe. Mr. Masterton has also conducted and managed education sessions for children at the community level. He was also instrumental in establishing the annual Moncton - Victoria Park Arts & Craft Festival held in Moncton each May.

Mr. Masterton is also a professional environmental consultant with a vast array of experience in a profession that is exhibited throughout his artworks, in his love of the outdoors and nature.

Upon his arrival in Montreal in 1985, he had reached a point where his artistic expression and his level of experimentation were thriving. He continues to seek and reach for more expression through many artistic venues while he enjoys the softer hues presented in Canadian rural and landscape art. His artistic meanderings also include poetry writing of which he also is an accomplished artist with a number of his works being published in American Poetic Literature.

He is a member of a few Poetry and Art associations where he can exhibit and critique his works.

His art can also be found number private collections in Canada, the United Sates and Australia.

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