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This month’s featured poet is: Paul Hartal

Paul is a member of the Canadian Federation of Poets, and a renowned visual artist, poet and philosopher. Paul Hartal, was born in 1936 in Hungary (EU), and educated on three continents. Since 1973 he lives in Canada. The originator of a new art idea called Lyrical Conceptualism, in 1978 Hartal displayed his work at the Luxembourg Museum, as well as other venues of the French Capital, and won the Prix de Paris for his canvas, Flowers for Cézanne. "As a noted space artist" in 1994 Space Week invited him to participate in a historic exhibit at the NASA Space Center in Houston, celebrating his unique vision and contribution to the exploration of the cosmos.

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Paul has a few released books such as "The Kidnapping of the Painter Miro",
and "Love Poems"
In the 1980s Paul Hartal founded the Centre for Art, Science and Technology in Montreal. One of the many prominent people who have supported this project was Richard Feynman, a Nobel Laureate in physics. As IBM Research Staff Member Clifford Pickover points out in Mazes for the Mind, "the Center facilitates the exchange of ideas between the various domains of human knowledge"

In the words of Paul, "I cannot separate art from life. I see life as a precious gift which we may celebrate or debase by choice. We cannot succeed neither in art nor in life without love, courage, vision, knowledge,wisdom and faith. My work focuses on specific problems of the human condition, including identity and alienation, healing and medicine, ecology and space exploration, culture and survival. I believe that the happiness of the individual is bound up with the happiness of the community. The realisation of this reflects on the meaning of art in its relationship to the hierarchical ladder of ethical norms. Yet, the meaning of life does not derive from a particular experience, or of moments of happiness, but from the joys and sorrows of being alive."

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