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This month’s featured poet is: Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh, CFP member and volunteer, lives in India and is the chair of the India Federation of Poets.

Nikhil is a two-time Limca World Record holder for poetry, and has been an advocate for peace for as far back as he can remember, using his words to enlighten and spread the message.

Nikhil has composed thousands of poems on several global topics such as Peace, Anti Terror, Friendship, Humanity, Environment & Wildlife Conservation, AIDS, Tsunami, Blindness, Spiritual Oneness, Human Rights etc. He is India's first and only Eppie Winner for best poetry e-book (EPPIE awards are highest honor given to e-books in the world by EPIC-Electronically published internet connection, and first prize at the International Poetry Competitions of "Association of Young Journalists and Writers" US.

Nikhil is an active force for the Canadian Federation of Poets, and has worked on multiple occasions seeking recognition for the CFP on a national level. He is a valued and respected member of our organization, and continues to fulfil the mission of the CFP which is the global recognition of poets and poetry.

You can find out more about Nikhil at his home site and more about his books at

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