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Canadian Federation of Poets poet of the Year Award Recipient George Arnold

Each year the Canadian Federation of Poets will select a poet that has done outstanding work within the organization, for poetry or as a poet. In the case of George Arnold, he has excelled in all three disciplines.

George Arnold is an Oakville poet whose love for words has led him to be involved in the promotion of poetry as an art form. After 3 years of writing, this “veteran” of Oakville’s poetry groups” serves as the chair of the Oakville Federation.

George believes that all people have important things to say and to share. His aim as the Oakville chair, and as a fellow poet, is to encourage others to express these points through the medium of poetry, and to help them find the skill and courage to do so in an effective manner. He is also keenly interested in, and committed to, enabling the young to achieve these outlets.

He has been published in newspaper, magazine, hardcover, and online, including credits in the US and England. He is the author of three chapbooks, Living Through Love, Meanderings, and For Today (Daily Considerations). With his partner Roz, he is also a founder of Garf Publishing.

Visit his website at; Poetry Cuisine
So what makes a poet of the year?

George Arnold has been an instrumental member of the Canadian Federation of Poets from every aspect.

He is the Oakville Federation chair, and started this organization in a very saturated area, because he knew that you can never get enough poetry.

He has attended the Milton federation events and was a crowd favourite.

He attends the Burlington federation events and shares his unique poetic perspective with us with respect to his interpretation of art that is on display in the Burlington Art Centre.

He shares in the importance of youth and poetry and coordinates, a free high school poetry contest held annually by the Oakville federation. Beginning with the Halton District Catholic Schools it has since been expanded to include the public board as well. His dedication to young poets and the future of the art form results in a concluding event with cash prizes for the winners, and guest performers of the various types of poetry that exist.

He has volunteered for career fairs, book fairs and trade show events. If you need help, George provides his time and good cheer to every event.

In addition, George has joined the Oakville Arts Council as a Board of Director. As a director, he is Editorial Chair and Production Coordinator of the “Arts About Town” magazine. He also coordinates a joint publication with the Inkwell called The Oakville Bard, is active in most local poetry events, and his second book, Meanderings is due out summer of 2006.

He is an honoured member of the Canadian Federation of Poets - and we are proud to present him with the award of 'Canadian Federation of Poets 2005 Poet of the Year Award'.

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