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This month’s featured poet is: David Fraser

David Fraser, CFP member and advocate, lives in Nanoose Bay, on Vancouver Island. He is the founder and editor of Ascent Aspirations Magazine, since 1997. His poetry and short fiction have appeared in over 40 journals including Three Candles, Regina Weese, Ardent, and Ygdrasil. He has published a collection of his poetry, Going to the Well (2004), a collection of short fiction, The Dark Side of the Billboard (2006) and edited and published Ascent Aspirations Magazine, Anthology One(Dec. 2005), a collection of 47 poets, mostly from Canada, with some from the USA, UK and Dubai.

This spring, 2006, HMS Press, London, Ontario will publish a small chapbook of his poetry, and he will edit and publish Ascent Aspirations Magazine, Windfire, a collection of poetry and flash fiction. He is a present working on his second collection of poetry, Barefoot After Dark. Currently he is the Federation of BC Writers Regional Director for The Islands Region.

David Fraser has a BA in English from University of Toronto, and a M.Ed. in adult education from OISE. In Ontario he taught English, Creative Writing Writer’s Craft among other subjects at the secondary school level for 30 years. He was the ski school director for High Park Snow School, as part of a traveling ski club for 8 years. Currently he is a full time writer who also teaches skiing at Mt Washington in the winter.

David likes to balance his life among a variety of activities in the areas of writing, education and sports such as alpine skiing, windsurfing, tennis, golf, cycling, and hiking. In addition he likes to garden, listen to the blues, and search for his way through Taoism. He has built a water garden sanctuary behind his home where he lives among the inspirational flora and fauna of the British Columbia West Coast.

“The writing of poetry for the poet is not a choice; it is like breathing, like a heart beating; the process must go on.” David P. Fraser

You can find out more from his website at:

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