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This month’s featured poet is: David Chirko

Sudbury, Ontario native, Laurentian University graduate, abstract artist, poet and CFP member, David Chirko, had his third collection of poetry, a chapbook entitled "Flaming Angels Of Spring: Poems About Women," published by Passion Among the Cacti Press (, last year. Earlier this year David was juried in as a member of TWUC, The Writers' Union of Canada ( He has also belonged to T.O.P.S., The Ontario Poetry Society (, since its inception, being a former Provincial Coordinator and presently their local Branch Manager. David has illustrated, with reproductions of his artwork, the covers of a previous T.O.P.S. Newsletter, "WE ARE T.O.P.S.," and poetry chapbook of one of its members. His artwork will adorn the cover of an upcoming T.O.P.S. Newsletter, renamed "Verse Afire," as well as the cover and inside of their next anthology, "Enchanted CrossRoads."

Chirko has had 116 poems published in no less than 20 publications and received a number of awards, including several "Certificates of Poetic Achievement" from the Canadian Authors Association (CAA). He has had articles about him/mentions in 21 publications and, himself, penned articles in the Sudbury Arts Council (SAC) Newsletter, such as "What Psychoanalysts Have To Say About Art." David has also published 14 rock CD Customer Reviews for,, and At's "Listmania Lists," in the "Friends & Favorites" section, he compiled "Dave's Faves": An Abstract Artist Rates The 250 Greatest Rock CDs Ever Created (10 lists of 25 entries, with a poetic statement for each CD) and in their book department, "Dave Picks 25 Psychology Books That Will Change Your Mind" (also with poeticisms). As well, he reviewed Richard M. Jones' "The New Psychology Of Dreaming" book for them and Richie Herink's (ed.) "Psychotherapy Handbook" for

David is a huge Byrds (America's first supergroup, from L.A., in The Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame; inimitably changed the pace of rock) fan and has contributed extensively to the American twin brothers' "Jonathan and David's Byrds Page" (, with his "Covers Page," compiling a list (400 entries) of CDs which include any of 58 songs written by the Byrds and covered by over 200 artists; as well as a "Ratings Page," with 30 Byrds albums rated from up to 15 sources.

His other related writing experience involved helping a York University Psychology PhD candidate with thesis and a Carleton University student with an Honours B.A. Political Science thesis. Today he writes "mental jingles"--satire right out of his head and will celebrate his 25th anniversary of painting with an exhibit at the Sudbury Theatre Centre (, January 11th to February 6th. In some of his past exhibits, he even utilized poetry on a few of his paintings. His statement: "Poetry is a palette from which I paint the emotions that color my Being" from his poem, "The Good, The Bad and David Chirko" (see below) exemplifies just what motivates him to write and the phraseology that ensues. His favourite poets from the past are: Goethe and Lorca; more recently: the pop icons Gene Clark, Justin Hayward, Jim Morrison and Frank Zappa. David's other interests include odonatology, exotic stereos and cars. Visit:

"The Good, The Bad and David Chirko"

Poetry is a palette from which I paint the emotions that color my Being -
In its resplendence dwell the disaster and compassion of my soul;
Between my fingers inks a vigilante and Messiah, whose blood wreaks in the utterance of mere thought;
Whatever I think, I become, as I am the spirit sovereign in all thought,
Because I am the reincarnation of every idea that I make real.

In any name--evil or chaste, lurks the fabric of my creation; the titles of my destiny:
Only I can express villany breathing in the heart of a tyrant when he immerses his blade into an innocent child,
For I am the only one who can know it;
Only I can capture the radiance of a New Jerusalem in a mother's face when she suckles her sick and starving children,
For I am the only one who can feel it.

For there is no virtue in any revelation without the poetry of thought and feeling transcending it,
And language is the experience I have transcended.

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