Canadian ed eration of Poets
Dedicated to uniting people and organizations around the world in the
global promotion of poets and poetry

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1. NAME:
The name of the Society is The CANADIAN FEDERATION OF POETS (hereinafter called the "Federation").

The journey the Canadian Federation of Poets has embarked on is to;
(a) Unite poets, organizations, publishers and persons interested in poetry and related subjects for fellowship and mutual support in promoting the creative importance of poetry in the national and global environments of Canada and the world. (Herein called the community)

(b) Promote an improvement in the welfare, recognition and professional standing of practicing poets in the community.

(c) Promote activities which will tend to increase the appreciation, enjoyment and use of poetry and publications by Canadians and abroad.

(d) Stimulate activities towards the resolution of problems related to the growth of Canadian culture and to stimulate public interest in such matters.

(e) Establish, promote, support and encourage poets, poetry organizations, venues, events, and other institutions and organizations engaged in activities connected with poetry and poetry appreciation.

(f) Assist the co-ordination and encouragement of activities of groups and individuals tending to further the objectives of the Federation by providing a community portal for the sharing and dissemenation of information and ideas.

(g) Publish, print, distribute and support books, magazines, pamphlets and publications of all kinds devoted to the interest of poetry and poets.

(h) Improve the growth of emerging and established poets through educational activities and programs.

(i) Promote, encourage, give financial assistance to, subscribe to, become a member of and co-operate with societies having similar objectives, in all parts of the world.

(j) Co-operate with organizations in Canada having similar objectives to those of this Federation and, in particular, to encourage the establishment of Canadian Federation of Poets chapters/federations within Canada and the globe.

(k) Do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above-mentioned objectives.


At this time, the head office of the Federation is located in Burlington, Ontario


Upon winding up or dissolution of the Federation, the assets which remain after payment of all costs, charges, in the case where members are affected, partial reimbursement of membership dues up to the amount of money remaining, and expenses which are incurred in the winding up shall be distributed to the directors of InnerSurf International, in lieu of any unpaid wages and unrecovered costs, in accordance to the Income Tax Act of Canada.
Canadian Federation of Poets