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Love Poems by Paul Hartal

LOVE POEMS: Issued by Editions La Galerie Fokus,  the 60 page volume is published in Montreal on the occasion of Paul Hartal's exhibition of "Painting and Poetry" at Hanseo University, Seoul, April 2004. An introductory essay accompanies the verse and the artwork.

ISBN 0-9681232-3-6, 60 pgs

The collection is available on line from Double Hook, Tel.:514-932-5093, , as well as from Coutts Library Services and Distribution, Tel.: 1-800-263-1686, Fax 905-356-5064, E-mail:

In his eloquent new collection of poetry, Poems of Moss and Water (published by AuthorHouse), Ray Miot plumbs the depths of nature, love and destiny, revealing filigree impressions on the world and human emotion.

Wrapping beauty and horror in an evocative mix of words and images, Poems of Moss and Water offers a message of love, mutual understanding and peace in a war-torn, despairing world.

It presents a thoughtful, life-enhancing collection of poetry that will surely invigorate readers’ perception of the world around them.

To order your copy go to:
Authorhouse Bestseller! 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles by Tracy Repchuk

Writing a book and having it sell is the perfect combination of joy and accomplishment.  This book takes you step-by-step through navigating the Internet and implementing various methods to marketing, promoting and getting your book and your work out there in a very big way. Just one idea could change your results forever.

Your message deserves the best shot it can have! 

ISNB: 978-0973276282

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Tracy Lynn Repchuk:
Discover your true career in just 5 minutes a day!
The Poetry of Business takes you from your first resume, through your mid-life crisis, to retirement and beyond, so that no matter where you are within the progressive cycle of your career, you will know by the final chapter where you want to be!

Varying styles of poetry complete with lessons, samples, pictures, and insight exercises that are a powerful combination and taps into your intuition so that you start to listen beyond the words to a universal force so accurate, you'll feel like the luckiest person alive. Things will just go your way, you'll run into the right people, the information you need will appear at your fingertips and you'll recognize opportunities that are meant for you
ISNB: 978-0973183207
From $13.47

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31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles


Looking to Market Your Book?

The internet is the most powerful distribution and marketing resources in the world.

With the internet you can get your message out to millions, you can be found by foreign rights publishers, you can learn to take your work and convert it to audio, video, and use these tools to promote your book - and increase sales.

"Finally the Keys to the Internet Kingdom"
Ann Lombardi, Atlanta, GA
"The Must Have handbook to today's Internet Marketing"  Tony Tremblett, Vancouver, BC

ISNB: 978-0973276282

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Trish Shields:

Coast Lines

This little collection is a sample of the work Trish Shields and Katherine Gordon have shared as they corresponded over the years.  It is the hope of both of these poets that communications between Canadian poets will spring up across the map, linking the coasts with the creative spirit of a People's Poetry. - Katherine L. Gordon, Editor

ISBN 987-0-9682733-8-8

$8.00 Canadian

It can be purchased from Trish Shields -

Spirit Harvest
Spirit Harvest is a collection of poetry set out as a harvest:  Field of Promise, Field of Bounty, Tree of Life, Killing Fields, and Fallow Fields.  Universal subjects such as love, death, war, peace, mother-child relationships and hope are covered in this book of poetry.

ISBN 0-9716812-8-7

$10.00 US

Buy it today from:

Glenda Walker Hobbs:

One With the Spirit
One with the Spirit depicts one woman’s faith journey and her search for spiritual answers.
Price $12.00 (Includes shipping and handling)

Books are available from
the author


In and Out of the Shadows
In and Out of the Shadows relates in poetry, a woman's struggles through the shadows of self-doubt and pain caused by obesity and her efforts to stay within the light of self-confidence that successful weight loss brings. An excellent book!
ISNB: 0-9735075-1-9
Price $17.00 (Includes shipping and handling)

Books are available from
the author

Drums Follow the Sun
This book depicts the author's poetic journey in growing up against the backdrop of the prairie town of Birtle, Manitoba in the mid-20th century. The author also shares poetical recollections of her family. Anyone who grew up in a small town will relate to many of the poems written by the author. ISBN 0-9735075-5-1 Price $12.00 (Includes shipping and handling)

Books are available from
the author

The Waldron Wild Cats
A collection of poems about the family of cats belonging to the author over the years. It is a commemoration of their lives, and the lives of pets everywhere. A delightful book on housecats. ISBN: 0-9688790-8-X Price $12.00 (Includes shipping and handling)

Books are available from
the author

City on the Rocks
This book depicts the landscape of the PreCambrian Shield and the city which is built on the rocks. The author has included her love for poetry with her love for the Flin Flon area. ISBN: 0-9688790-2-0 Price $12.00 (Includes shipping and handling)


Books are available from
the author

Diego Bastianutti:

Per un Pugno di Terra
In his third collection, Per un pugno di terra/For a Fistful of Dirt, Diego has not hesitated to offer us the most complete gamma of his lyric to date: together with well-considered themes of exile and the continuous grappling with painfully new lands and milieus, he offers us a more than explicit glimpse of his own incredible trust in the harmony of human existence and in the wisdom that should govern it.

The poetry of Bastianutti represents a literature which could be construed as Italian-Canadian, but which, because of the breadth of its themes and the paucity of any topical references, is poetry tout court, emblematic, more likely, of a pandemic and universal exile shared by all humanity, which dreams the ever more distant garden of its infancy while inhabiting a world all the more disquieting.

Magenta: Zeisciu Editore, 2006 bilingual edition, 240 pp.

$30 - Shipping and handling included

Lorna Joy Knox:

Flames of a Rose
Flames of a Rose is a compilation of over 100 poems. Anyone with a love for poetry will love this book as it guides you through the trials and tribulations of life. It carries you to those places that human emotions need nurtured. Soulful, passionate, heartwrencing...euphoric, even mystical...this book of poems. One reviewer states, Flames of a Rose covers every aspect of life, from pain and loneliness to the joys of family life. You will lose yourself in this excellent poetry, with such vivid descriptions and portrayal of emotions, this is one of the best book I have read this year! A must buy for anyone with a passion for poetry!

ISBN - 1-4137-4341-2

US$ 19.95 - Purchase your copy today!

Two Tales of Mystery
A psychological haunting drama - two stories of the paranormal - classic ghost stories combined into one, to create a delightful mystery novella with two seriously twisted endings. Warm and caring, shadowed and uplifting and haunting.

ISBN - ISBN: 1-4137-5308-6, 48 pages, 6 x 9

US$9.95 - Purchase your copy today!

George Arnold:
Living Through Love
Living Through Love
This book presents a unique outlook on falling in or out of love. Each poem takes you through terrain that only a heart and soul can endure, and invites you to take the journey that rules us all.

ISBN 0-9735800-0-3

$ 10.00 - Purchase your copy today!

David Fraser:

Going to the Well
This is David Fraser's first collection of poetry. Whether writing poetry or short fiction, David examines characters struggling with time and entropy, with relationships and with finding meaning in lives often caught up and stagnant in their own existence, their aging and their loss. Many poems deal with the darkside of the human condition as a political protest to man’s inhumanity to man, and to man’s blatant disregard for our greatest resource, Mother Earth. However within this dark perspective there is tenderness and hope and lyrical imagery of what life wonderfully can be.

"David Fraser looks up, looks around him, takes in his surroundings, and does a good job of reporting on nature as a vital restorative element in our lives." - David Chorlton

"David Fraser's 'Going to the Well' is a remarkable journey filled with a zest for all that life offers. His poems surprise, delight, and enrich the reader. They truly deepen our understanding of the human condition...all in all, this collection represents a most impressive debut." - Vernon Waring

To Order contact:
Ascent Aspirations Poetry,
1560 Arbutus Drive, Nanoose Bay,
British Columbia, Canada
V9P 9C8.
ISBN 0-9736568-08 ;2004; 94 pp
$14.95 - Purchase your copy today!

Tod Gaines:

Rocky Mountain Oysters - CD
A CD collection of 32 poems written and performed by Tod that cover that awkward adolescent stage full of peer-pressure and adult suppression.

Cost:$10 plus $3 shipping. To order send an email to Tod Gaines

*Rocky Mountain Oysters (cooked pig balls)

Rocky Mountain Oysters - Book
Author: Tod Gaines
Type: Paperback
ISBN: 1439249776
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Number of pages: 106
Subjects: Poetry, Poetry / American / African American, American - African American

Order from

Mary Ann Lonergan:

McColl's Gates

McColl's Gates is the first of the four series of each of the Covehill Ladies lives and their adventures. Jennifer Anne McColl was a young orphan, at the tender age of 8 years old, her grandfather put her into Covehill Boarding School. It was there that she met three friends, forming a close, and long lasting friendship.


D.M. Kraft:

Somewhere on the Edge of Words

A child’s view of the ‘60s, a woman’s reaction to 9/11 and more general musings about life, grief and the changes we all face fill this book with a contemplative journey through a maze of life experiences.

ISBN 1-4137-2503-1

$14.95 USD - Purchase your copy today!

Gary Pierluigi:

Over the Edge

Published by Serengeti Press, this 72 page poetry book is about poems that are literally "over the edge".

Themes of despair, fatalism, and hope, injustice in our new world economy prevail.

Both serious and lighter poems are mixed together to form a compelling, cohesive whole.

This book can be purchased by

Cost: $17.00-shipping and handling included.

Natalie Hartgers:

Feel the Bright Light
Spiritualist and poet, Natalie Hartgers, a Netherland based writer, uses contemplative reflections in rhyme to awaken mankind in her quest for peace.

She takes her readers through a journey of experiences and provides wisdom and insight to achieve enlightenment.

Natalie gets her ideas and realizations from her spiritual guide, astral travel, dreams and her own intuition.

A beautiful integration of photography, poetry and insight that is a must have for your collection.

ISBN: 0-97327624-7-4, 112 pages, 5 x 7

CDN $14.95 - Purchase your copy today!

Graham Drucker

Don't wake the teacher
Don't Wake The Teacher is a book which deals with the Morson Public School (Ontario) with special emphasis on the Kindergarten between 1971-l981.

The book will appeal to educators who will appreciate the special moments and techniques used in the school. The general population will enjoy the many anecdotes and short stories interspersed among the descriptions.

"An inspirational overview of an innovative teacher's experiences in a unique Northwestern Ontario school." Paul Jackson, Retired Elementary School Principal for McCrosson School.

$24.95 - Purchase your copy today!

A Sampling of The Pragmatic Poet's Poems
Chapbook collection of 17 of the Pragmatic Poet, aka Graham Ducker's poems.

Love Poem
The University Thesis
Ode To A Grecian Urge
The Legacy of Bill Gates
Ode To the Rolaid
Valentines Day
You Came Into My Shop Today
I Can't Explain That
I Turned The Coffee On
The Keys
2 Haiku Poems:  re: Sept 11 Event

$5.00 - Purchase your copy today!

Bonita Summers:

Woman with the Flying Mind
Woman with the Flying Mind" chronicles my experiences with overcoming abuse, illustrating how life's difficult moments can be the ones from which we learn the most about ourselves.

A blend of topical humour, social commentary, and spiritual awakening, "Woman with the Flying Mind" is sure to resonate within the hearts of its readers.

To order email:

$19.95 plus $5 shipping and handling

No shipping charge for deliveries within the Kingston area.

$19.95 plus $5 CDN shipping- Purchase your copy today!

Ljerka Susanna Lukic:

Dream Visions
Ljerka Lukic's first book of poetry "Dream-Visions" was published in Croatian language by the "Croatian Way" in Toronto in 2002. Ljerka, a native of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, worked on this book for twenty-five years. She collected seventy poems that describe her childhood, the recent War in her homeland and her new multicultural country Canada. Ljerka wrote about love, nature, history, ethnology. She also wrote about transformational process of becoming Canadian and North American, and how she discovered and started to love a wonderful world of Inuits and aboriginal culture. As the author she mastered both short and long forms. Her poetic voice is very distinctive. In just a few days, the book became a great hit in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Croatian Communities around the World. Ljerka reveals the personal story of her life as well as the life and fate of her native country. 

Order: 416-534-5442 or

$20 includes CDN shipping- Purchase your copy today!

Flavia Cosma:

Leaves of a Diary
Romanian-Canadian singer produces tantalizing, entrancing translations into English of a Latin language that recovers the Gospel of Paul, and paves the way for a possibility of salvation, and resurrection.

Korean-Canadian Literary Forum-21 Press Toronto, 2006

ISBN: 0-9689561-7-3

The book is available for sale from Pages Bookstores and directly from the publisher : Phone (416) 222-7935, Email

CDN $14.95 - Purchase your copy today!

Paul Hartal:

The Kidnapping of the Painter Miro

"An unknown French writer visiting New York is kidnapped by a pair of tough guys who confuse his name with that of the famous Spanish painter, kicking off The Kidnapping of the Painter Miro, or The Butterfly Kite by the artist and poet Paul Hartal (The Brush and the Compass). The endearingly eccentric adventure story moves the reader from New York to Paris, Barcelona and Budapest, and from art to war to UFOs and cybernetics as it ponders the mystery of identity in an unpredictable world". Publishers Weekly, New York

"The Kidnapping of the Painter Miro is nicely written, very interesting and the artwork by the author is fantastic adding a wonderful touch. There is also romance and humor. An enjoyable read". Noel Henry, The Plowman Press, Canada

Find out more!

Love Poems
LOVE POEMS: Issued by Editions La Galerie Fokus, ISBN 0-9681232-3-6, the 60 page volume is published in Montreal on the occasion of Paul Hartal's exhibition of "Painting and Poetry" at Hanseo University, Seoul, April 2004. An introductory essay accompanies the verse and the artwork. The collection is available on line from Double Hook, Tel.:514-932-5093, , as well as from Coutts Library Services and Distribution, Tel.: 1-800-263-1686, Fax 905-356-5064, E-mail:

Find out more!

Postmodern Light
Postmodern Light: ISBN 0-9681232-4-4, transcends the realm of love and passion. A poetic sensibility balances dreamy emotion and discerning intellect, creative vision and insightful thought. Available from Coutts Library Services and Distribution, Tel.: 1-800-263-1686, Fax 905-356-5064, E-mail: Orange Monad Editions (Montreal, San Diego), 2006, 122 pages.

Find out more!

Anna Yin:

Beyond My Knowing
Beyond My Knowing" is my first book of poetry and is a self-published volume that collects most of my published poems over the past two years. I started the poetry journey only 2 years ago, but it continually became my passion. It seems they are my friends and mentors who listen to me and light up me. I have seen they blend into my mind, my imagination, as the whispering breezes and blooming flowers. They reside there in depth of my heart, what I have to do is to unveil them.

$7.00 cad (or $7.00 usd) per book ISBN 0-9739148-0-7

Send money to:
Anna Yin
3820 Lacman Trail
Mississauga, ON Canada L5M 6X8

Nikhil Parekh:
Kavye and 55 others
Nikil Parekh is an Indian based poet, who has over 55 books in print, a world-record for poetry and is a humanitarian with his words.

His books range from $5.33 to $400, and each has its own message and value to society.

It is worth checking out his link, his books, and purchasing the one that speaks to you.

Available in both download and print format.

Purchase your copy today!

Jennifer Sharp:

Anxious Contentment
Many people search earnestly for their place in the world and their purpose in life. This journey can evoke a myriad of emotions. This collection of poetry explores the delights of children, love and faith. It also captures the unease of bewilderment, anxiety and loss. Whether you have stared out a window at the night sky or found a place that feels like a home for your soul, this book is for you.

ISBN 1413784461

$12.95 USD Order at Amazon or Chapters

Najah Shuqair

Enter My Heart
Enter My Heart by Najah Shuqair

Size:  27 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9811478-0-2

Najah herself is a cancer survivor and shares her journey through poetry.

This book may be ordered from:

P.O. BOX     3327
Sarnia, Ontario
N7T 8G6

OR: E-mail Address:

50%  of proceeds go to The Canadian Cancer Society

Cost:  $10 + shipping and handling

Dr. Stephen Gill:

Songs Before Shrine

Poetry is a crusade for Stephen Gill to present his vision. The compelling influence for his crusade is the peace that is beauty, creative and that makes life meaningful. He uses poetry also to escape. He feels relieved when he is able to clean the glasses of the self to glimpse a panoramic view of a new island. That is the time when he is able to communicate better with the inner self to give birth to his vision through a process that is a type of spiritual liberation.  

Stephen Gill draws the waters for his inspiration from the   inexhaustible well of his early days in New Delhi. Readers will experience that it is the bitterness of the water that runs in the arteries of the author of Songs Before Shrine.

-Stephen Gill writes concisely, gracefully of commonplace things and contemporary concerns… (
The Ottawa Citizen)

ISBN 81-7273-384-4
Price: $12.60 CDN Includes shipping and handling - 144 pgs
Order your copy today!

Christine Greatrix:

Ponykeeper Speaks: Beyond Whispers
Ponykeeper Speaks: Beyond Whispers
by Christine Greatrix
$17.00 including tax & shipping in Canada and U.S.
Please contact for purchasing information.

Jim Greenwald:

Across the Bridge
Jim Greenwald recently announced the release of his new book of poetry "Across the Bridge." This is a journey of the heart, one immediately feels and shares the feelings, desires and emotions he writes about in this the cauldron of our lives.  Blended into who and what we become, who we wish to become.  This is emotional poetry, sharing life and the deep feelings of the heart and soul.  Each poem tells a story that will tug at your heart and bring a tear to your eye.  This is another in his wonderful collections of poetry.

[Available now from, Barnes & Noble, Borders, the publisher, as well as most book stores]

Joanne Joyce Green:

Poetic Beauty
POETIC BEAUTY is a story Joanne wrote in the hopes of giving teens the courage to stand up and say no to abuse when dating. This story is about a teen who finds herself in a bad situation, and is courageous enough to look honestly at her feelings. As she realizes the danger that would confront her if she chose to continue in this volatile relationship, she knew there were choices to be made, and she alone must find the courage to make them.

Paperback - 84 pages ISBN #08059-9109-3

Get your copy today for $12.00 from Rose Dog Books

Lucia Gorea:

Journey through my soul
Journey through my soul is a collection of love and mystical poems that reflect my continual search for emotional and spiritual truth, a search for sublime and perfection. This collection is an incursion onto the many paths of the unknown that invites to meditation and contemplation. It is my tireless journey onto the avenue of human existence. These verses transcend times and life to penetrate into the depths of my soul, posing many questions that long for answers. They are the music of my soul. .

Lucia Gorea is the author of “Journey Through My Soul,” her new collection of poems, and several specialty books. An award-winning poet and a widely published writer, Lucia is also the founder and host of Poetry Around the World, a monthly multicultural poetry reading series in Vancouver, B.C. Lucia has made many television appearances on the Channels Shaw and Multicultural, and has performed readings across Canada, USA and Europe. Her biographical profile is included in the “Marquis Who’s Who” encyclopedias.

“To me poetry is what water is to fish, wings to butterflies, rain to wheat, or light to flowers. It is not only an avid expression of my inner thoughts, but also a flow of pure emotions and feelings.” ~ Lucia

ISBN 0-9781486-4-9, 110 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”
Publisher: First Choice Books, Victoria, BC

To order a copy contact Lucia: or First Choice Books:

CDN $ 18.00 (includes shipping and handling) Purchase your copy today!

Ruth Y Nott:

Pure and Simple Faith
Pure and Simple Faith by Ruth Nott

Ruth Y. Nott terms her first book "inspirational poetry", an expression of her own creative inspiration as well as her wish to inspire others through it.  Her poems are, as characterized by the book's title, "pure and simple"—so simple, in fact, they have an aura of innocence about them, a childlike wonderment of gentle lyrics like "word-dancing with God." 
The 66-page work allows her faith and love to shine through while also acknowledging the doubts we all sometimes feel.  In her poetry, Ruth emphasizes that, in a world filled with temptation, disappointment and heartache, God's love and support are still available to us all." 

It can be purchased from CreativeWordsPoetry

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