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Meet Ljerka Susanna Lukic

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Ljerka was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Zivinice, 1962). She graduated from the Academy of Pedagogy (Teachers' College) in Tuzla, where she was also Professor's Assistant for Psychology. As the best student of the Academy Ljerka was awarded the Gold Medal of the Tuzla University. She had been acting in Zivinice and Tuzla Theatres for twelve years. She majored in Croatian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Education in Osijek (Croatia) and obtained M. A. degree in Philology from the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Humanities in Zagreb (Croatia). Ljerka worked as a high school teacher in Zivinice. She was in Bosnia during the War and moved to Zagreb (Croatia) in July 1994 where she worked as a language editor. After that she moved to Toronto (March 1995) where she finished the TESL program and started working as an ESL and LINC Instructor. Has three nationalities: Bosnian-Herzegovinian, Croatian and Canadian.

On one hand she is a specialist for teaching and working with: survivors of war and genocide, victims of torture, victims of domestic violence, survivors of natural catastrophes, survivors of suicidal attempts, people with severe mental disabilities, people coping with dying, etc. On the other hand she enjoys teaching Creative Writing, TOEFL and Academic Reading & Writing. Ljerka also works with and advocates for: refugees; immigrant artists, performers, and writers.

Likes textile design (costumes based on folklore) and millinery (glamorous hats), painting, storytelling, acting, giving motivational speeches… Studies fashion design (the history of headwear).

Possesses a valuable collection of national costumes and handmade items from North-East Bosnia, a collection of hats, and a collection of her portraits. Membership: Honorary member of the Survivors of Concentration Camps Organization of North-East Bosnia, Professional member of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto. Member of the: TESL Ontario, Storytellers School of Toronto, Textile Museum of Canada, Editors' Association of Canada, Canadian Poetry Association, Canadian Federation of Poets, etc.

Books published: Dream-Vision (2002, poems); Marital Understanding & Great Love (2004, satire); Conference Notes (2006, short stories). Writes also articles, reviews, essays in both Croatian and English. Her work has been published worldwide in seven languages.

Takes part regularly in both group and solo literary and storytelling events organized worldwide.
For her accomplishments Ljerka has been thanked and congratulated by many dignitaries and celebrities from around the World.
Included in the Prestige International Who's Who as a VIP.
P.O. Box 97043, RPO Roncesvalles, Toronto, ON M6R 3B3,
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