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I was born in Newfoundland, Canada in 1943, received my education there and taught school for four years. In 1966, I moved to Toronto, Canada. There I worked at various chemical jobs such as making paint, shampoo and hair coloring and finally settled down for the next eighteen years making drugs at a pharmaceutical company.

I retired in 2000 and moved back to Newfoundland, where I met a lovely lady who later became my wife. We got married in the hospital chapel of James Paton Memorial Hospital, Gander, Newfoundland, during the three months that I was a patient there. Unfortunately, I had suffered heart failure, liver and kidney failure and had to have my left leg amputated. Thanks to the care of my wife and doctors and to the many friends and family that visited me at the hospital, I beat the odds and survived! So many prayers were said for me by so many people, I can't thank them enough. Out of that experience, I often thought about other people who were suffering who maybe might prefer it if they could just die. From this, my poem "A Child's Prayer" was born.

I have had four of my song lyrics published, one of which I had written for my wife called, "Angels Leave No Footprints In the Sand". I'm hoping to have more of my songs published in the future.

Some of my other interests are traveling, reading, crafts, and spending time with my family and friends. My wife and I have three children (from previous marriages) and four wonderful grandchildren.

Some of my work I would like to share with you;


I was walking down the hallway
Of a children's ward today;
And as I passed an open door,
I heard a child began to pray.
He stopped and said, hey Mister,
Won't you please come on inside?
I'm going to pray to God again;
Will you please sit by my side?

He said, "Lord, I know something happened
As we were going to see my friend;
They say my Daddy died today,
And took my Mom with him.
Now I cannot stand this pain I have
And I am sad here all alone;
So please dear Lord in Heaven,
Will you kindly take me Home?"

They rushed him down to surgery,
And dear Lord, how they tried;
But no matter what they tried to do,
That kid gave up and died.
So God if they're up there in Heaven,
Around your Golden Throne;
I want to thank you Jesus,
For taking that child home.
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