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Her Excellency From Rideau Hall - Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaelle Jean offered to lend her endorsement to the CFP and serve as a Patron.
Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaelle Jean
C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.
Governor General of Canada

We are honoured to have her part of the CFP's aims and mission towards the betterment of mankind through culture and the arts.

Canadian Federation of Poets Gets Recognition by Governor General of Canada

The Canadian Federation of Poets just received patron status from the Governor General of Canada, along with other industry awards and accolades for its pre-eminence in global poetry.


The Canadian Federation of Poets has hit the Super Bowl jackpot this year with a number of honours and changes that will put them among the top-ranked poetry organizations in Canada.

Thanks to the efforts of members which started a movement to get the CFP recognized, they have just received, from Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaelle Jean, Governor General of Canada, an accepted position of Patron for the Canadian Federation of Poets and is happy to lend her endorsement to all CFP efforts.

We have added to our list of members:

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaelle Jean
C.C, C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.
Governor General of Canada

This is just another indicator that the Canadian Federation of Poets is among the top poetry organizations in Canada, and is honoured that those who are members, helped with that achievement.

In addition, Poetry Canada magazine founder, Tracy Repchuk, who is also the founder and president of the Canadian Federation of Poets, has been promoted to Managing Editor, and welcomes new editor R.D.Roy.

In addition, the CFP has opened another branch office in Burbank, California to help expand poetry and fulfill its mission which is to unite people and organizations from around the world in the global promotion of poets and poetry.

Look for huge publishing opportunity announcements coming soon, and a new International magazine called Poetry World Magazine.

Tracy Repchuk President and Founder


Canadian Federation receives Point of Life Award

Michael Levy, founder of the Point of Life Foundation, announced the Canadian Federation of Poets was receiving this honor for its outstanding work in the promotion of poets, poetry and advancement of the craft on a world wide scale.

The Point of Life Foundation is a non profit organization established to provide education to the general public and to support research into better understanding spirituality and the purpose of life. By bringing together the positive forces from science, medicine, philosophy and religion the Point of Life Foundation promotes a holistic approach to enabling people to better understand the forces affecting their lives and thereby enabling individuals to manage those forces to bring them peace, serenity, freedom and enjoyment.

It is the mission of the Canadian Federation of Poets to unite people in the global promotion of poets and poetry, which adds to the betterment of our lives. With this recognition it really showed to us that our goals of uniting the world with poetry and the spoken word have begun. It was a huge surprise, and greatly appreciated. We hope that all of the poets and organizations that affiliate themselves with the Canadian Federation share in our success, and we thank you all for your part in this.

Find out more about Point of Life

Member, Poets, and Organization Testimonials

  • Donna Thompson, CFP member - "Writers respond well to encouraging voices, your voice is a blessing -Thank You."

  • Gord Krantz, Mayor of Milton - "I would like to thank the Canadian Federation of Poets for participating in the Mayor's New Year's Day Levee. Your time and efforts greatly contributed to the overall success of the day and helped make the event a memorable one."

  • Sir Earice L. Roberts Jr., Tennessee
    "I'm speechless about the opportunity that was given to me by Tracy Repchuk and the Canadian Federation of Poets. I can try to humbly express my thankfulness to her for helping manifest a dream I've long had since I was age twelve, the day I wrote my first work. Tracy gave me life. Collectively they have strengthened my faith, even though I'm incarcerated.

    I would like to profess my eternal gratitude to someone that could have easily turned her back on me, like all else did. However, she elected to give me a chance.

    Tracy Repchuk has given me the drive and the determination to keep on writing. and I've never been a part of an experience like this, an experience I enjoy. They have helped me show that if I apply myself, I too can be a productive citizen. So to Ms. Tracy Repchuk and the Canadian Federation of Poets, I thank you!"

  • Richard Vallance - CFP member - "Tracy Repchuk, President of the Canadian Federation of Poets, has always struck me as a hard-working editor and publisher, whose devotion to the art of poetry and also of photography is second to none. Tracy makes a special effort to publish quality poetry, and this includes in Poetry Canada. I can only hope I will be able to return to Tracy something similar to the several signal honours she has bestowed on other poets, including myself."

  • Aldyth Joubert Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa - CFP Member "Thank you to the Canadian Federation of Poets. I have been thrown a life line and Tracy, you have given me a voice - you are truly the poets’ angel!

    Instead of sitting back and saying no one is interested in poetry today, you have been proactive and done truly pioneering work by putting up this website and publishing a magnificent magazine.

    It really has inspired me to see how you respond personally to everyone’s emails with help and guidance; it must take hours and hours of tireless effort to cope with the demands.

    Congratulations and a big THANK YOU, Tracy, may you continue to be a blessing to us all!"

  • Honoria Groves - CFP member - "Tracy, we are blessed to have you because any organization is only as great as its leader! You are such an inspiration to us all and make it possible for us to share our thoughts and feelings with others, which brings us great satisfaction. Thanks so much."

  • Raymond Fenech - CFP member - "The CFP has been my life line for the past year. It has helped me a great deal, not only by supporting me as a writer, but also by giving me that important sense of well being when I was seriously ill. I fear I could not find the right words to thank you all, especially dear Tracy for being there for me throughout my ordeals. I have always believed that God has created angels that are purposely grounded to help others in times of great difficulty - Tracy is one of these angels. Thank you for being there."

  • Nancy V. Bennett - CFP member - "It is nice to find a home for poetry, a moment to pause and linger. Canada has a vast amount of talented writers of verse. Here is where we gather to exchange ideals, offer comradeship and pave the way for new generations."

  • Jean Burbidge, CFP member - "Thanks to Tracy for birthing the Canadian Federation of Poets and for constantly coming up with different ideas to share poetry. She not only has the ideas but the energy, expertise and people skills to make them happen. Poetry has become a way of life in our family and the "poetry" friends I've met through the open mikes are an inspiration and support."

  • Donna Thompson - CFP member - "Since I've joined Canadian Federation of Poets, I've progressed with my life in the poetry field with Tracy Repchuk's unique influence. I'm learning more than I ever knew about poetry. Aside from being published, this place is fabulous, it makes a real poet out of you! Thanks to Tracy Repchuk for being an inspiration to us all!"

  • Trish Shields, CFP member - "Having a place to enjoy poetry, both online and in a magazine makes words come alive. The interaction, the feedback, and the joy of sharing poetry/prose make societies like the Canadian Federation of Poets so very worthwhile. Thanks so much."

  • Valdeck Almeida de Jesus, CFP member - "Well, till the day I found this site and become a member of Canadian Federation of Poets, I was nothing. Now I have my work shown in a place where lots of people read and send me feedback and let me know if I write good or not. Thanks to CFP and its members, as well as everyone who make this site works."

  • George Arnold, CFP member - "Being awarded the Canadian Federation of Poets, Poet of The Year award was an unexpected and gratifying honour. I was even more surprised when the Federation contacted our local paper to inform them. The resulting page and a half article - (wow) - shows that the CFP is truly about promotion of poets and poetry as an art form. Thank you Tracy and the CFP."

  • Ljerka Susanna Lukic - CFP member - "Joining the CFP has been a really great experience! In just a few days of becoming a member Tracy Repchuk did a lot for me to help promote my poetry and other work. The CFP web site looks nice and professional. Tracy and the CFP are supporting poets at the highest level for a nominal fee. We are blessed!
    It will be my pleasure to recommend the Canadian Federation of Poets to other authors both in Canada and abroad. Thank you for your efforts and results!"

  • Raymond Fenech - CFP member - "I just wanted you (all Canadians writers budding or established) to thank your lucky stars that you have people like Tracy and the CFP to take care of you. In my country, there are only a few existing established writers - and budding writers have to do like I did, make their own way by trial and error. Established writers here DO NOT share their experiences with new writers like Tracy and so many others do in Canada. Their experiences, both publishing and writing are a "trade secret". So please take it from me and be thankful to the CFP and all those established in the literary world on your side of the world who are so generous and helpful. THANK YOU TRACY, AND THE CFP, I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL! GOD BLESS YOU!"

  • Karen Calaiezzi - CFP member - "Since just recently joining the CFP, I have been quite impressed with Tracy's friendly, positive and encouraging personality. Not only, is she very talented in the arts, but she is also very good at running the CFP. She is always quick to respond to all my questions and never hestitates to help me out, especially with my limited computer skills. She was able to get my bio on the website within a few days and is helping to promote my chapbook. Thank you Tracy. I wish you continued success in all that you do."

  • Nikhil Parekh - CFP member - "It's a supreme privilege being associated with the Canadian Federation of Poets and Poetry Canada Magazine. Poetry is a tough art to be appreciated and pioneered/patronized ahead, but the Canadian Federation of Poets founded by Tracy Lynn Repchuk puts all apprehensions to celestial rest. Never has an organization so brilliantly patronized poets from across the world, although having its rudiments in Canada. I would personally like to congratulate Tracy Lynn Repchuk, the President for so amazingly crafting an organization such as this; which inspires poets from all nationalities/countries/fraternities to be a part of it and propagate their craft forward via the federation. As editor, of "Poetry Canada Magazine" it is another exemplary magazine of its kind in the world today; being one of Canada's National Poetry Magazines and I would urge the Government of Canada to patronize it further, to communities and federations across Canada; officially. Any poet who joins the Canadian Federation of Poets is sure to reach towards the ultimate heights of his poetic career being here and contributing his/her poetry here on a regular basis and for the Poetry Canada Magazine. Its been an honor and one of my most literarily enriching experiences being a member of the Canadian Federation of Poets was being featured in the "Poetry Canada" magazine"

  • Paul Hartal - CFP member - "The Canadian Federation of Poets fulfills an immensely significant role in the cultural life of this country. I am most grateful to you for establishing it, and I believe that I don't talk only for myself. You are certainly a very remarkable and outstanding person with multiple talents and proficient gifts that benefit the community and enhance many lives."

  • David Chirko - CFP member - "Tracy is an indefatigable and creative young woman, balancing family responsibilities with her own individual writing and the operating of the organization she founded: the Canadian Federation of Poets (CFP). Here she executes everything with passion and finesse and that is why membership in the CFP has experienced a tremendous upshoot in a relatively brief time. With the inclusion of Poetry Canada, a colourful and intriguing magazine; the two exemplifies how art, poetry and the philosophy of composing can be fashioned on common ground."

  • Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews - CFP member - "Tracy has made it possible for me to have my poetry published. Due to her hard work as an editor and publisher, many local poets, including myself, have had the opportunity to have their work published. Her creation of Poetry Canada magazine is an excellent forum for the propagation of artistic talent, both written and visual. Tracy is an inspiration to us all!"

  • George Hannye, Greater Knoxville, Tennessee, SCORE Chapter Volunteer "I counsel prisoners free of charge on how to start a business. After receiving forty rejections for the one prisoner poet, who was my client, I was pleased when Tracy Repchuk, Editor of Poetry Canada magazine, indicated one of his poems MIGHT be published in Poetry Canada.

    After many three way communications, thanks to the efforts of Tracy, his poem was published. I believe what the poet wrote BEFORE the acceptance says a lot: “To be even considered for publication is a reward in itself due to the position in which I sit. Actually to be in print will be overwhelming.”

    I have a suspicion that EVERY inmate in the Whiteville Correctional Facility will be reading my client’s poem in Poetry Canada. To my prisoner poet/client, I am the hero, but without Tracy, I wouldn’t be one. Thanks."

  • Lorna J Knox - CFP Member, UK "I am proud to be a member of the Canadian Federation of Poets. The newsletters and Poetry Canada magazine are interesting. The poems are soothing, gentle and uplifting to my spirit. There is much to learn from other poets and writers like myself, and being a part of this group has provided this. Many thanks to Tracy Repchuk as President of The Canadian Federation of Poets, and Editor of Poetry Canada for her excellent work in helping me to achieve something that I will always be proud to have and show. Having my books advertised in an International magazine and having my poetry read by others worldwide, adds to that achievement. Thanks!"

  • Raymond Fenech - Malta, EU

    "Regarding the CFP anthology, The Future Looks Bright as long as there is hope in the world, mankind will continue to survive calamities. But Hope is like a furnace, it needs fuel. If writers/poets and journalists cannot supply this fuel, who can? The Future Looks Bright offers the reader a lot of positive visions. If you want to read a positive report of human affairs, The Future Looks Bright is like a light at the edge of a very long and dark tunnel. You might think the world is going to the dogs, but if you read this book you might just change your mind. The is book will most certainly usher you through positive realms unnoticed in a world that seems to indulge in negative vibrations that create sensational news."

  • Peggy Fletcher - poet

    "As a member of the CFP, we receive a free subscription to Poetry Canada magazine, and I am enjoying the latest issue, and I especially liked your thoughts on Squawk Versus Talk. The art of communication has suffered greatly these past few years, and I believe it's the fault of everyone including writers and artists that reduce language to a meaningless level of political correctness. I often find that when I send out poetry that has a harsh message it is rejected by editors for being too negative. Yet the reality of the subject I have written about is not a positive one. Are we supposed to hide our poetic heads in the sand? Thanks for speaking out."

  • Peggy Fletcher - CFP member

    "The Future Looks Bright Anthology is a glowing tribute to the art of poetry and those who love its many forms. It is a credit to the Canadian Federation of Poets and especially to the work of Tracy Repchuk who made it all happen. Well done! I was proud to be a part of it."

  • David Fraser - CFP member

    "In a world of the dark daily news of senseless slaughter, The Future Looks Bright is an anthology of poetic thought that spreads light and disperses hope into the shadows lurking outside the windows of our homes."

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