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Canadian Federation of Poets Anthology
The Future Looks Bright
Good News! This edition was SOLD OUT, but we have now made it available through LuLu Press. Enjoy.

The Future Looks Bright is a testament to the spirit and faith of poets in a world prominent with problems. Working with the vision that thought and words create the future, the poets of the Canadian Federation set off on a journey of hope and creation. You will love the inspiring poetry and beautiful photography that makes this collection a must for anyone who wants to change the world.

If you knew you could make a difference, would you use your words to heal humanity, or walk a path of silent calm? We chose to make a difference. Find out how!

You will love the inspiring poetry and beautiful photography; and now it is available for you to enjoy. Get your copy today!

Order your copy at:


The Future Looks Bright

We had many, many submissions, with the following poets being accepted.

Eric Linden
Holly Cadrin
Sylvia Boire
Peter Austin
Carol L. MacKay
J. Graham Ducker
Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews
Ruth Walker
Richard Vallance
Peggy Fletcher
Angie M. Jansen
Lori A May
Anna Yin
Aileen Calligaris
Barbara Kahan
Debbie Okun Hill
Raymond Fenech
Barbara Phillips
George Arnold
Lynn Tait
Trish Shields
David Fraser
Tracy Lynn Repchuk
Daniel MacFadyen
Nikhil Parekh
Kevin Craig
Lois Thurman
Jean Burbidge
Aldyth Susan Joubert
Paul Hartal
DM Kraft
Honaria A. Groves
Lynette Evans
Tamieka Evans

You will love the inspiring poetry from these poets. Order your copy at:


Canadian Federation of Poets