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Whether you have you own book you need to get out there, or are looking for ways to make money in a field that will help you and your friends, this e-Book can get you the information you will need to get started.

Amazon is a huge door, to a very big market, and you need to learn how to open that door.

You are going to learn how to set up and operate one of the most lucrative businesses imaginable.  Larry Scott is going to take you by the hand and step by eye-opening step, teach you how to create your very own proven, marketing channel using the Amazon model.  

Now for CFP ezine subscribers, maybe we aren't looking to make a huge whack of money in a book business venture, but I can assure you that what he has written, for the sake of your own book, you should know.

It has never been easier to get started and you're about to learn how to do it from an expert!

This book is the "Insiders Guide" to:

  • Learn how to get started

  • Learn the different types of online book selling

  • Why and how to choose an online store

  • What hardware and software to use and where to find it

  • How to buy books if you don't have your own

  • What books to buy if you don't have your own

  • What kind of books to sell

  • How to sell them

  • How to handle your shipping

  • How to find books to sell

  • How to store them and track your inventory

  • How much you should pay for them

  • How much should you sell them for

  • How the Amazon sales process works

  • When, why and how to sell on auction

Part time or full time, you'd be hard pressed to find a better model to follow for a home based marketing strategy.  By the time you finish these 76 jam packed pages, you'll have everything you need to channel into a way that you should be using to market your book, or other peoples. 

Here's your chance to break the pattern and leap ahead of the pack.  People around the world are writing in their pajamas while working from the comfort of their own home, and selling what they've done. 

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