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     July 2011
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Be sure to introduce yourself in the Federation online forums, and check out the member biography section to find out more about each.

New Members:


Eve Robson - Summerland, BC

Sharlene Klein - Kamploops, BC

Debbie Mrakovcic - Croatia

Lara Sookoo - Toronto, ON

Tonia Kalouria - Lorain Ohio USA

Beth Skala - Nanaimo, BC

Shirley I Osborn - Los Angeles, CA
Aline Soules - Danville, CA, USA
Kerry Lynn Parsons - Lakefield, ON

Marc Mullo - Thunder Bay, ON
Dannabang Kuwabong - Hamilton, ON

Carol J Ogden - Vancouver, BC
Lois MacDonald - Whitby, ON

Michael Dyet - Brampton, ON

  • David MacLean - North Van, BC
  • Marilyn Edwards - Langley, BC
  • Darla Fisher-Odjig - Acton, ON

  • Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaelle Jean
    C.C, C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.
    Governor General of Canada

     Renewed Members:
  • John F Ambury

  • Linda Dowd

  • Michael Dyet

  • Charles Hull

  • Raymond Fenech

  • Stella Ducker

  • Thomas Hemeon

  • Mary Anne Lonergan
  • Suzanne Hunter
  • Krow Fischer
  • Paul Hartal
  • Mary Anne Lonergan
  • Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews
  • John Jansen de wal
  • RenĂ©e Von Paschen
  • Maurus Cappa
  • Krow Fischer
  • David Brydges
  • Michael Cotterell
  • Judith Black


    Hey everyone. If you are a CFP Member we would like to post your poem on the Federation of Poets blog. One poem per member per month. A maximum of one poem will be posted per day.

    Here's what you do:
    Step 1 -
    Send an email to:

    Step 2 - In the email body - have your poem with the title exactly how you want it to appear.

    We will then post it, and share it with the world.

    Poetry Canada Back Issues are available, once they're gone that's it.


    Here is the link to any that are left.


    Poetry Canada Archives



    SEEKING Writers -
    Stephen Gill is seeking writers for An Anthology entitled:
    Critical Responses to Stephen Gill.
    Deadline is July 15, 2011
    Each contributor will receive a complimentary copy.


    CALLING All Artists -

    How would you like your art on the cover of our anthologies Credit and 2 free copies plus get free promoted. 

    Send a .jpg or .gif for review - even better is if you have a link to a gallery.

    The 2011 Griffin Poetry Prize


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  • Federation of Poets

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    Canadian Federation of Poets

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    Tracy Repchuk

    July 2011 -


    We have a NEW Facebook Group where you can meet, chat, share your poetry, and more importantly Federations can promote their events here making it easily accessible for anyone to attend and know about. Same with publishing calls and contests.

    Go here to become a part of this active and growing community of CFP members and supporters.

          Facebook - Federation of Poets Group

    I will be away in Europe until August 7th and my internet connection will not be reliable, so be patient as I have to approve you into the group. I apologize for the delays. During the weeks of July 14-24th I am on a Mediterranean cruise and will not have ANY internet access, so no approvals will occur during this time so the faster you register the better.

    Thanks to those who have renewed this month, and if you haven't already registered to pay via paypal - it is time to renew/join using this method so you can continue to be a part of a great purpose


    Enjoy the month and keep on creating  :)

    Tracy Repchuk
    President and Founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets


       Join the Canadian Federation of Poets
                  Because Now You're Family!


    Poetry Helps Us Connect

    Well at long last some influential people such as Oprah, Michelle Obama and others are finally coming out of the closet and promoting poetry and its value.

    This is edited from remarks from May 11 in the State Dining Room at the White House, which appeared in the St Louis American

    When I was young, I was a passionate creative writer and sort of a poet. That's how I would release myself. Whenever I was struggling in school, or didn't want to go outside and deal with the nonsense of the neighborhood, I would write and write and write and write. I think it was my writing that sort of prepared me for so much of what I've had to do in my life as an adult.

    Robert Frost once wrote, "A poem begins as a lump in the throat." In writing poetry, you all put words into that kind of emotion. You give voice to your hopes, your dreams, your worries and your fears. And when you do that, when you share yourself that way, and make yourself vulnerable like that, you're taking a risk. And that's brave.

    And when you write poetry, you're not just expressing yourself. You're also connecting to people. And that's the key to everything we want to be and do as human beings - is our ability to connect to one another.

    Think about how you feel when you read a poem that really speaks to you, one that perfectly expresses what you're thinking and feeling. When you read that, you feel understood, right? I know I do. You feel less alone. I know I do. You realize despite all our differences, there are so many human experiences and emotions that we share.

    And poetry doesn't just show us how much we share. It also exposes us to wonderful new ideas and experiences. It helps us see the world in an entirely different way.

    As Rita Dove once wrote, "What writing does is to reveal. A good poem can awaken our senses and help us notice things that we've never noticed before. It can take us to places we've never gone - to a mountaintop or a battlefield or a city halfway around the world."

    And I know that writing poetry is not easy. I know that sometimes you really got to work hard to make it happen. I know that it can be discouraging when you're struggling with writer's block and you can't find that word that is just right, or get that line exactly the way you want it to be.

    So I want you all to keep at it. Keep taking those risks. Keep having the courage to share your work, which is so important. That was the best part of writing - it was reading it back to my mother, making them sit and listen to my work. And I also had to read it and perform it. So keep sharing, keep reading poetry, and learning from other poets.

    And even if you don't grow up to be a professional poet, I promise that what you learn through reading and writing poetry will stay with you throughout your life. 


    Are you a CFP member and write articles? 


    Send them in too. They can be considered for this newsletter or posted to the CFP blogl. That is free publicity and promotion whether you are a poet, editor or publicist. The articles should be how to, tips and tricks, getting published type. Anything that helps a poet take their craft to the next level.


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  • Oakville Federation
    Timothy's World Coffee
    321 Lakeshore Rd. E, Oakville, ON
    Contact: Saskia Maddock

    Open mic event for all members, non members and Federation Affiliate members to participate in.
  • Third Thursday of Every Month - 7pm

  • New Brunswick Federation
    Pizza Delight
    9362 Main St. Richibucto, NB
    Contact: Rebecca Cuevas De Caissie
    Admission: Free

    Open mic event where poets and performers can get together and share both poetry and short stories.

    Federation Peel Region (Brampton/Mississauga)
    Last Friday of every month starting at 6:00p.m. at the Courtneypark Library Branch (upper lounge reading area) at Mavis and the 401, Mississauga. ON
    730 Courtneypark Dr. W
    Contact: Cheryl Xavier
    Admission: Free


    The Toronto Bayview Chapter

    5791 Yonge St. (short walk from Finch Subway Station)

    Held in the Conference Room of the Condo Building

    Free Parking at Newtonbrook Plaza.

    Come and read your poetry or short story or have it critiqued.

    Contact: Maria Pia Marchelletta

    The Albanian Writers Federation
    222 Lansdowne Ave. Toronto, ON
    10am - noon
    Find out more:
    Albanian Writers Federation

    Halifax Federation of Poets
    Mollyz Diner
    2104 Gottingen Street, Halifax, NS
    Every third Wednesday of each month
    Contact: Donelda Kent
    at doneldak@federationofpoets.com

    Last Thursday of Every Month - 7pm

    Language Federations

    Flavia Cosma the Language Federations Coordinator

    If you would like to start a Federation in your own language - contact Flavia
    Find out more.

  • Durham Region Federation of Poets
    contact Stella Ducker at StellaCD@federationofpoets.com

  • Italo-Canadian Federation of Poets
    contact Maria Pia Marchelletta at
  • www.FederationofPoets.com/Italian.html

  • Calgary, Alberta Federation of Poets
    contact Wei Yin at: weiyin@federationofpoets.com

     India Federation of Poets

    contact Nikhil Parekh at: nikhilp@federationofpoets.com


    Check out all the details on the calendar

           CFP MEMBER NEWS

    If you are a CFP member with exciting news, let us know.  Send an email with the news in it, and a subject line of CFP Member News.

    Tracy Repchuk -

    * Presenting Award to Richard Branson at UK National Leaders Congress
    * Speaking in London, UK at Stilletto Millionaires
    * Speaking in Paris, France at Power of 3 Event
    * Holding a mastermind retreat in Venice, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey
    * Featured last month Yahoo News, USA Today, Forbes Online
  • Maria Pia Marchelletta
    was recently on OMNI TV presenting her latest book Sentieri 'dell Anima/Journey of the Soul, poesie/poems


    Paul Hartal
    Two renowned scientists cite parts of his poem on the mystery of time that intuitively challenges Einstein's Theory of  Relativity. "Does time stand still, or does it flow? If time is in a state of flux, what is its speed?"  Lines from Hartal's poem appear in IBM computer scientist and mathematician Clifford A. Pickover's book, Time: A Traveler's Guide, Oxford University Press

    * In New Jersey Institute of Technology physicist Moses Fayngold's tome Special Relativity and How it Works

  • Raymond Fenech:
    Graduated with a BA honours in creative writing and parapsychology.
    * Awarded a scholarship in poetry therapy by Dr. Sherry Reiter director of the Creative "Righting" Center, USA.  
    * Obtained a diploma in poetry (SAC Dip Poetry Writing) from the Stonebridge Associated Colleges, UK .
    * A collection of my poems has been accepted for publication by SandCrab Books in Canada.
    * Appeared twice on National TV in programmes concerning animals and dogs.

    Glenda Walker Hobbs:
    About to publish a new book of poetry Shadows to Sunshine which will be facilitating an online poetry course at WVU

  • CFP Members ONLY
    Send me your news, it must be in bullet point form, but more importantly it must have the subject line CFP news
  • (I get over 1000 emails every day, so I have to be able to search by that subject line to put them in here :) and be about 100 words max